Single Review – Kid North – Then Alpha

Kid North are a Parisian trio formed in 2011. They consist of Axel Dallou, Gary Royant and Gregory Hoepffner and are signed to True Addiction. Their new single ‘Then Alpha’ is out today along with a video that see’s them taking various blows to their faces! The track flashes to an opening and immediately sets to work with charged and driving riffs that are full of energy and leaking melodies accentuated by the hammering percussion. This powered drive is broken down in the verses as the beat and rhythm is spread out to accommodate the vocal around it. It just as fluidly bursts back in to it’s earlier guise with the guitars driving the melody and rhythm home. These partially consume the vocals as they rise and the harmonies come in to kick the songs melodic progression up another stage. It’s a well worked track that effortlessly arranges it’s transitions and when it isn’t full of lavish energy and fusion, then it’s building you up to it. A song that will also be a treat live as well.

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