Single Review – Black Honey – Sleep Forever (Demo)

You won’t have heard of Black Honey until now, but be prepared to be hearing a hell of a lot more about them in the future with me kicking things off now. They are an enigmatic British band and ‘Sleep Forever’ is their first known song and what a song too. It gracefully chimes it’s way open before a lavish soaking from a slung out riff. The vocals are swooning and dreamy and with the chiming sounds behind it; the song becomes wonderfully spaced out and distant. It goes on to intimately coerce the songs title lyric with a hint of playfulness coming through before you’re picked up again by the slung out and bold riff. Beyond this, the percussion becomes more prominent and the vocals match the slight rise in the song’s atmosphere. It goes on to space out again with eerie chimes and distant wails and is then joined by a fuzzy sounding guitar which pulls itself into the final chorus with more expansive percussion, before coming to an abrupt and empty end. Leaving you wanting more and letting your imagination run wild with what you’ve had. It has the grace and stylish, bold delivery and structure of Lana Del Rey but with a less direct hit. More of a subdued and fluctuating atmosphere that pulls you into a journey of various sound combinations and spaces. A wonderful first track from Black Honey. Oh and it’s just a demo too….



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