It’s a cover up! Great song covers – Mr Little Jeans – Waterfalls (Sonder remix)

Back in 1980 a 38 year old Paul McCartney had decided to put Wings on hold and for the unwitting final time people clung on to a full Beatles reunion. But McCartney had other plans. A first solo album in nine years was his goal and picking up on the experimentation he helped plant the seeds for in 1966 and 67 and therefore McCartney II is far different from it’s 1970 predecessor with him resuming his foray into Electronica. ‘Waterfalls’ is a song from the album that is much more calming and contemplative than the repetitive ‘Coming Up’ and the experimentation of ‘Temporary Secretary’. This song was a simple, swooning piece of pop music. It’s almost so subdued and the songs messages so contradictory that it almost deliberately leaves you lost and questioning your own actions. Don’t go jumping waterfalls or chasing polar bears… but I need love. An idea that we put ourselves at risk there just as much as we might do jumping waterfalls. Here McCartney gives electronic music a heart and with good and bad ramifications for the rest of the decade.

Mr Little Jeans is the guise of Norwegian electro pop vocalist Monica Birkenes. She lives in London and records in Los Angeles. This year she recorded her version of the track which was then remixed by Sonder. She has the typical vocal mix of delicacy and power behind it and she delivers the song faithfully for a modern vocalist. Beyond this is a more darker undertone with the blasts of electronica and a slightly hammering drum sample. After each verse the tune is boldly projected to the forefront of the song as it whirrs and grinds in to your ear drums. There’s also times that the heavy, though calm instrumentation drowns out Monica’s vocals slightly as the lyrics are echoed and sifted out eerily in the background. This makes the lyrics a little more amplified with the more uneasy feel of it. In spite of the added atmospheric depth, the song still holds the basic and simple beauty to work as it did back in 1980. A very credible tribute indeed to the great man.










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