Single Review – Zola Jesus – Dangerous Days

The enigmatic pop master from Phoenix, Arizona returns on the run up to her fifth studio album in as many years for the twenty five year old with Taiga which is out on October and with this in mind, she has claimed that “For me, it feels like my true debut, because it is the first time I have felt so open and liberated.” She’s also has claimed she wants to take number one spots so it is intriguing to see how she goes about this with artists such as Grimes setting about for commercial success with trap dropping and dub techniques. The first single from Taiga is ‘Dangerous Days’ which opens with a small whirr before the beat and flashing synths take over as her bold and wholesome vocal easily makes it’s mark and sets itself as focal point beyond doubt. The opening lines are succeeded by an increased tempo from the synths and a chant-like slide from her before bursting into echoing space and light as the synth washes over and the heavyweight vocals soar and the beats hardens to keep the song on track. The effect of this is played out in the second verse with a sharper and more prominent beat and tempo as she soars into the chorus again. The stripped back sections see her show her vocal prowess even more with the dulled beat and wailing backing vocals in the background. This is then shuffled back into the order as the beat resumes it’s normal service and the vocals soar yet again. It’s a pop song of class and effortlessness. A more natural change of sound then Grimes produced perhaps and a little more believable too though both are solid tracks. The question is are people ready to buy into a more sophisticated and thorough pop song like ‘Dangerous Days’? I truly hope so.

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