Single Review – Bon Iver – Heavenly Father

Bon Iver

Justin Vernon returns with Bon Iver’s first new material in three years and it’s another addition to the highly commendable Wish You Were Here OST from Zach Braff. Last week we showcased The Shins contribution to it and today is Bon Iver’s turn in what is a very shrewd way to promote a film with it being tied in so much to it’s music. Both entities intertwined to add to each visually and audibly. Through the looping drones and washes of analogue electronica; Justin’s quaking, yet calm and soaring vocal reverberates and rises far above the disjointed loops and acoustic rattles atop of it. The song crawls forth in a sad and limping fashion as the vocals guide it along as they sweep across it. This combination emphasises the soaring and hopeful boasts yet are anchored down by the unfamiliar and disjointed reality of the looping tracks. Something I’m sure will be even more vivid in the film. The lyrics are sobering and reflective as they reveal the lingering fears he sings of and so brings it back to the unfamiliar and disjointed loops again. That uncertain undercurrent throughout what is a simple yet completely effective track. Another great addition to Zach Braff’s upcoming film.


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