Single Review – Royal Blood – Figure It Out

With their fourth single and a very capable Glastonbury set; Royal Blood are completing a rather successful PR campaign before the release of their debut album on August 25th. The new single is called ‘Figure It Out’ but ironically there is little to figure out sadly. It does start with a slight urgency and Zeppelin-like trepidation and a bold drum beat of which the vocal flows through in a slick and close fashion. Then it just turns into the mindless guitar thrashing, porridge-like taste when there is an endless list of those who can provide the same sound but in a far, far more coherent and imaginative way. I’m sure it sounds great live but of course it does. That sound has sounding great live for well over a decade now. It’s no miraculous discovery and from what I can tell neither are Royal Blood. I’m not sure upon which situation that you’d find yourself listening to these. Maybe if Jack White, QOTSA, Black Keys, Blood Red Shoes etc. etc. etc. are not to hand as you’ll find that they all do far better and more imaginative things with this sound. So much so that they have now left this sound as it’s becoming a bit of a deadweight that is only made heavier by Royal Blood I’m afraid to say.

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