Single Review – Das Fluff – One Cent Plus Postage / Shut the Fuck Up

Das Fluff are a Berlin dark electronic group led by Dawn Lintern. Their gritty and murky electronica is something to be reckoned with and their latest AA release of the singles ‘One Cent Plus Postage / Shut the Fuck Up’ is the perfect example. The first track flashes and zaps off into a much deeper and shadowy synths base. The grinding and droning sounds are offset by rapid electronic flashes and rotations while Dawns vocals remain within those depths as she teases the song along with boldness and confidence. The lyrics are equally murky and this type of electronica is providing more lyrical and stylistic risk taking which Das Fluff and others such as The Knife and Gary Numan are willing to take. ‘Shut The Fuck Up’ has a quaking bass line like some of the more darker Depeche Mode tracks and these are flanked by scratching and churning of synths behind it. The vocals are more in your face and aggressive too along with the lyrics too. Lyrics more akin to a punk track from 1977 but ones that match the aggressive electronic sound here. Apart from this, it is the fact that they are being bold, taking risks and trying something that sounds a little different. Even if it doesn’t click with you straight away, the individualism has to be appreciated.

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