Single Review – The Night VI – Wonderlust

Last month The Night VI released a wondrous and forever catchy piece of pop with their single ‘Wonderlust’. It wastes no time in getting you hooked with it’s infectious, whirring synths offset by a deeper bouncing sound and sharp percussion that keeps the song rotating and driving on. Across this is the unctuous and slick vocals that slip through the urgency of the instrumentals which go on to include an 80’s style lead guitar solo. It’s a well delivered and modern take on a classic style and sound. More recently they have released an acoustic version of this track which sees the vocal’s easiness on the ear just become enhanced. It was recorded live in Camden at The Colonel Fawcett. This version shows you the song without it’s foot to the floor and is a more engrossing listen as opposed to the original version, which makes you want to move in some way and get involved. Both versions are wonderful for the different aspects they provide and is a sign of some the diversity they possess. (Acoustic Version) (Original Version)

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