Sunday Suggestion – The Raveonettes – Wine

Copenhagen’s finest Indie rockers and their 2009 album In and Out of Control are again the source of my Sunday Suggestion with the final track off the album; ‘Wine’. It opens and a forlorn and lost fashion as the guitar drags itself and it’s echo along in a distant and lethargic fashion. Atop of this is the light haze and mist that is the combined and thinned out vocals of Sharin and Sune. as they make the song seem like its in slow motion. Reflective of the slowing down of time when you are in such an immersive love and the dragging of time when it has gone. The song starts to become a little more close and definite as the latter lyrical content of ‘throwing our love away’ becomes apparent before fading off again into nothing. Almost a tragic song that I’m sure people connect with in those happier and more painful times.


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