EP Review – Coma Coast – Fail Better/Last Song

coma coast

Coma Coast are a Spanish and Venezuelan synth-pop duo consisting of DJ’s Mariano Robles and Rey Morales. Pushing on from the success of their debut EP; on July 7th the pair released their second in Fail Better/Last Song which will be released on Parissi La Musique. This EP is a real ode to their influences and so evokes a classic synth pop feel akin to Kraftwerk, Pet Shop Boys and Depeche Mode. ‘Fail Better’ starts off with the reading of one’s and zero’s before setting off into that faded vocal that is set around saturated synth bursts and a bouncing beat with shimmers coming from it. It’s a timeless sounding dance track mixing old and new with a good result. ‘Last Song’ is drenched in electronic waves and flows as they drain out across a oscillating beat. The song constantly glistens and shimmers with piercing electronica and occasional poppy overtones that are tied to the vocal anchor. Well formed and well produced tracks that are pretty much perfect for the summer.  


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