Sunday Suggestion – Thenewno2 – Make It Home

In 2012 Thenewno2, led by George Harrison’s son Dhani; released ‘Make It Home’ which was a single off their album of the same year in The Fear of Missing Out. The track has an indelible stomp in the verses that follow on from delicate piano chords and riffs as guitars ring out behind it in an eerie fashion. The lyrics too, that are delivered by Dhani in a slow and uncomfortably soft manner. They talk of him “waiting so long just to know that you made it home that night”. This then opens and adds glimmers of light to the dark tones of the song through the rising synths and echoed dual vocals which lead off into the churning and muted trap drops of the second verse. The song continues to whip up this sound before the light bursts of the chorus arrive again and lead into a more open and hopeful section that’s followed by the concluding guitars and synth charges. All of this is set around the faithful piano chords before ending. A wonderful fusion of sounds delivered with ease.



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