Single Review + FREE DOWNLOAD – Triptocaine – Pale Ghosts

Triptocaine is the dark electronica of Jinny Finkill from Leeds; a producer who has been crafting and experimenting with electronica for over a year. Following on from her Beyond The Astral Plane EP, she has now released a free download entitled ‘Pale Ghosts’. With the help of NoctryneMusic, she has set about merging isolated elements such as dreamscape and dubstep into less travelled and unexplored areas such as dreamstep. ‘Pale Ghosts’ is a direct reflection of this with the sharp pointed bass beat diluted by soft washes and far off whirrings of electronica. Muting the beat in such a way allows the song to flow more easily and the transitions between sections without the beat going into sections with it are seamless and it makes for a fluid and natural sounding track.

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