Single Review – Jamie T – Don’t You Find

Nearly five years without producing any material is almost too long; especially at what was a relatively early stage of his career, but nonetheless Jamie T is back with a new single called ‘Don’t You Find’. This track is the first from his upcoming third album which will be a closely scrutinised one for sure as everyone asks “So what have you done for the last five years Jamie?”. With regards to ‘Don’t You Find’ he talked of trying to produce power through less conventional means rather than doing so through aggressive rhythms and tempos. With this track he is opted to get his power source from synth bursts, drum sample beats and very subtle hints of dub. This is occasionally coupled with a lightly rotating riff and a calm, subdued vocal. The song remains slick, refined but also has that kick he was looking for as the song slowly pulsates and bursts as opposed to constantly jangling on. It’s a well restrained and well produced track with which he hasn’t pulled it well beyond it’s limits nor kept it at a low ebb. Aside from that, he isn’t happy with standing still as that always gets appraisal on this site.


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