It’s a cover up! Connan Mockasin/Anna Calvi & David Byrne – I’m The Man, That Will Find You

Last Year Connan Mockasin released the brilliantly enigmatic Caramel from which ‘I’m The Man, That Will Find You’ was one of the lead singles. It has a relaxed 70′s groove through distorted psychedelic shades. The vocals are presented in a similar style and it has fluid progression of a groove filled track but the space and washed out effect of a psychedelic track. A great fusion of the late 60′s and early 70′s. It’s a very surreal track while also sounding quite familiar at the same time and he’s maintained that level of peculiar yet easy quality his music has and so much so, it was almost a creepy and unsettling track in part.


This Week Anna Calvi and David Byrne released their cover of the track from their Strange Weather EP and Calvi makes it her own with ease and that is despite the innate peculiarity and individualistic nature of the track. She enforces her fluid and smooth baritone vocal upon the tracks lyrics to open up a more raw intimacy than Mockasin’s uneasy closeness. This vocal is occasionally backed up by Byrne’s to just add to the smooth and in depth take of the track. She wrestles her guitar’s riff upon the track too as they ring out and bounce around the song’s space. A very worthy version of the original which not only respects the song’s intentions, but focuses upon them.












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