Single Review – Black Honey – Teenager

Black Honey - Teenager (Demo)

Brighton’s newest sensations are back with their second track in follow up to the sublime ‘Sleep Forever’. It is a swooning and sweeping track with a sound like Lana Del Rey but one with more space, growing sounds and atmospheric quality. Now they have came up with ‘Teenager’ which like ‘Sleep Forever’, is a demo recording too. Yet again you would think it was a fully polished and complete track as opens in it’s distant and chiming manner before pulling itself back into focus with a slick and crisp recording from the wholesome vocal to the strikes of the guitars. This song isn’t so much lost in wondrous floating seas, but is more driving on with a purpose and a destination through it’s more urgent rhythm. This does not mean it doesn’t have spacious openings and expansive sounds either. It’s a different type of track structurally, but one that still implements their sound perfectly. Another great track.


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