Single Review – RÜFÜS – Sundream

Australian dance group RÜFÜS are here to release the next single off their brilliant debut album Atlas which was released in the U.K at the end of April. That single is ‘Sundream’ which opens with expanded bursts of elasticated and undulating synths that remain as the percussion samples and extra elements come in to generate the soft rhythm. From this there is a large culmination from the synths that results in a rich atmospheric peak before slipping back into the verse. The opposite is done to the same effect with a stripped back and spaced out instrumental that’s brought back earth via the fast rising, undulating synths that gracefully soak the rest of the track with such a rich and bold sound. The vocals are at a much higher volume as oppose to the instrumentals, yet they fade and spread back into the track via the relaxed and simple tones of Tyrone Lindqvist. As a result the vocal is still the focal point, but one that adds to the music and blends into the instrumental to make the soaked in atmosphere even richer. There can be little to no negatives to be raised about the production for it is quite simply sublime. A brilliant piece of dance music out on September 8th on Columbia Records.


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