Sunday Suggestion – Hurts – Wonderful Life

Hurts consists of Theo Hutchcraft from Richmond, North Yorkshire and Adam Anderson from Manchester. Their two albums Happiness (2010) and Exile (2013) have seen them explore the length and breadth of their Tears For Fears and Depeche Mode influences from their sharp appearance and their slick produced and refined pop music as one of the many acts making pop music a discipline as opposed to those who use it as a tag. One song that is the epitome of this is their 2010 single ‘Wonderful Life’. A track that was one of many at the time to show signs of pop music’s sophisticated potential. Forlorn, whirring organs open the track behind a metronomic click. These are coupled with a slight brush of the cymbal and then a pulsating beat. These are tied up by Theo’s clean, sharp and calm vocal. The minimalism and echoed space of the verse allows for a small explosion of sound for the chorus with subtly grinding synths and more rapid, tumbling percussion. All this is still within the boundaries set in the verses and so keeps the song as cool and as understated as their appearance. The song chimes and echoes into it’s final chorus, guided by a gently warping guitar solo. A calm and collected song that tells the story of a suicidal man and love at first sight. Much better than the wailing, over produced ballad it might have been.

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