Single Review – Peace – Lost On Me


Listen: Peace reveal new single 'Wraith' with Arctic Monkeys' producer

Peace have released a new single in recent weeks. A third from their upcoming second studio album to be release later this year. The other two have been pretty mixed affairs. ‘World Pleasure’ may as well have been called Perspex as it was so easy to see through, but ‘Money’ offered a glimmer of light. A hint of progress and originality. Now we have ‘Lost On Me’ which is quite alright to be honest. The rhythmic hooks as opposed to the predictable jangling riffs have purpose and Harrison Koisser’s vocals have improved by leaps and bounds now he’s dropped the slurred charade and projected his natural vocal. The transition from verse to chorus offers up a change of dimension rather than simply an instrumental alteration even if the chorus screams cheese filled pop. The lyrics are still pretty comical at times, but I guess it gets the younger kids into them. It’s by no means my favourite track of the year by a millions miles, but there is a lot less to be bemused with than before so consider this song as the epitome of not bad.

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