Single Review – Julian Casablancas and The Voidz – Where No Eagles Fly

Julian Casablancas + The Voidz | photo via

Last week, we finally got a proper taste of Julian Casablancas’ second studio album with ‘Human Sadness’ and it was eleven minutes of clashing sounds and genres from string sections to grinding electronica and heavy base beats, wrapped around clean and warped distorted guitars. It fuelled a sensory overload. ‘Where’ No Eagles Fly’ is the second track to be unleashed from Tyranny and was premiered on BBC 6 Music’s Breakfast Show yesterday. It’s a much more sociable length for those with a lack of time on their hands but don’t expect any familiarity. In fact, that is fast becoming the best way to explain what this album might become. It commences with a gritty and deeply rooted bass line, almost krautrock-like before off kilter riff feeding off it and Julian’s lazy vocal meandering through it, before exploding with severe and quick moving urgency with Julian’s screams and bellows along with static and reverberating guitars and continues with a trap drop into a retro synth chord progression as it continues back into it’s manic and heavy chorus and before you know it, this is combined with pop like rapidity and electronica as Julian does his best Slipknot impression through a thick fog of distortion. It’s a manic and unrelenting record and again, it will take some time to sink in as so much was happening. That is a positive, however. It’s not predictable or easy to guess in any way. It’s exactly what we need to have such an established musician pushing the boundaries like this. – Hear it at 45 minutes


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