EP Review – Almeeva – ANAMORPHIC

Almeeva is the name of an on-going Parisan project from Greg Hoepffner. A deliverer of rich and fluctuating electronica; his latest EP ANAMPORPHIC does just that too. It’s out on September 22nd and is preceded by him sharing the stage with electronic synth lazers pioneer Bernard Szajner at the Centre Pompidou in Paris on September 18th for a live show called Evolution.

The four track EP open with ‘Soviet Superstructures’. An instrumental track with a whirring opening which soon shimmers, glistens and reverberates into life via a wide range of electronica. The song expands and grows it’s sound with all confidence with synth bursts and retracts to focus on the percussion or a single set of chords. The transitions are clean and purposeful with acres of space and room to manoeuvre. A fine example of the potential modern music has.  ‘Parallels’ follows and see’s Greg take up the vocals with a soft, wistful and fading fashion that is balanced by the deep and churning beats and chords behind it. An effective marriage of tones and feels. ‘Felt’ has a pulsating, yet muted beat with guitar tracks trickling over the top of them as the synths arrive to gradually and subtly grow the song’s space and area. This is followed by a crisp beat part that is joined with a deep rooted bass-line, wispy vocals and electronic chimes. These laser-like sounds pull the song towards a full instrumental conclusion with a solidified beat and rhythm which is still glazed over by the haunting and fading vocals. ‘Palindrome’ begins with bold vocal unisons and haunts that usher in a sharp synth rhythm with meandering’s of percussion and bass notes behind it as they step back and forth in volume and presence. Again the track lifts and floats beyond it’s instrumental boundaries to explore the song’s expanses. Another fluctuation occurs with the introduction of the isolated vocals that are joined only by the heavily plucked strings of the riffs alongside him to them progress to a heavy vocal and electronic roaring chime before a final rhythmic section. An EP which is wonderfully and intelligently produced as no moment is spared from the fluctuating and diverse nature of each track in it’s structure, feel, atmosphere and more. An EP you should be listening to when it’s out on September 22nd.

Here is ‘Soviet Superstructures’ below. Check out the link for the live Evolution show for September 18th too.




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