Single Review – Weezer – Cleopatra

On October 7th Weezer will return to deliver their new studio album with Everything Will be Alright In The End and in the run up to that, they have been releasing a long series of snippets from the album via small videos. Of course they have released the odd track too and their most recent offering is ‘Cleopatra’. A song that tackles the fact that they are getting old and how they are dealing with that. They did emerge twenty years ago now after all and age is often is signal for bands to slip into a comfort zone which is hard to get out of. Is this the case for Weezer? ‘Cleopatra’ opens in a way that might suggest so, but the country tinge is coupled with their trademark power pop chords, lead guitars and tumbling percussion which rumbles and rotates in the background and drops away before the chorus as expected. Rivers’ delivery is as crisp as ever too so there isn’t really anything new about Weezer circa 2014 from this effort. The lyrics add that other dimension and the song is alert enough to keep your interest too. In this case though, it’s very much a track to be embraced by the diehard and long term fans of the band. A catchy track as always though.

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