FREE DOWNLOAD – Cocoa Futures – Scotland

Just days after Scotland voted against leaving the United Kingdom and Scottish band Cocoa Futures have released a free download of their cheery and optimistic track entitled ‘Scotland’. As everyone splits themselves into the 45% or the 55% of those who voted; the campaign messages still apply. Unity and solidarity must win over against division and conflict and this track is a symbolism of that. The track opens with a warped chime and with simple percussion as the rapid lead riff flashes across the other instrumentals before glazing over the track with it’s wiry electricity for a basic, yet effective hook. The vocals are familiar and not overbearing. They give an added sense of warmth to hammer home the message of the song in that everyone in Scotland has something in common and that’s a wonderful thing. A message that could be applied to the whole UK too. I’ve made my feelings clear over the last few months as a socialist who believes that Scotland voting Yes was a contradiction of the very thing I am, but at the end of the day there will always be a place that we feel most proud to come from. For me it’s the North East of England. For Cocoa Futures it is Scotland and they think it’s great. It’s hard to disagree.


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