Sunday Suggestion – Sky Ferreira – Lost In My Bedroom

Sky Ferreira  released her debut studio LP with Night Time, My Time, in October last year in what turned out to be a very solid start for Sky in spite of the various admin and organisational set backs she had to face in having to turn a possible debut album into an EP on several occasions. What is left, is an album of epitomized pop and Indie Rock with the commercial shine deliberately taken from it. This is also true fro her lyrics, which are deeply reflective and close to home. At some points in the album you are met with oozing pop hooks and melodies and with songs like the title track, you’re met with dark and gritty imagery and sounds. Perhaps the most light you find on the album is the track ‘Lost In My Bedroom’, which came out long before her album. In a style bordering on Dance Rock; it’s beat is hammered out in a pulsating, distorted fashion which allow for warping, modulated and reverberating synths to blast out from behind the main beat with monologue chords and jangling 80’s riffs ringing out atop of it all. Sky’s vocal is  harmonious in the middle ground and is manipulated with a slight drone to achieve the subtle washed out feel for the entire track. Pop music that shows lyrical vulnerability and production alternatives to give it far more raw substance to the plastic pop of recent years.

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