Sunday Suggestion – Peter Gabriel – Shock The Monkey

In 1982 Peter Gabriel was releasing his self titled fourth album with ‘Shock The Monkey’ as the lead single. It’s the epitome of the progressive and open ended nature of New Wave music that it was able to fit hand in glove with the early experimental electronic sound. There’s a near unrelenting rhythm and hook supplied from the synths and typical, snappy echoed percussion that was not so typical of the time. These electronic surges were a different take on the blocking keys of Numan or Foxx and it gave way to a just as prominent, yet more flowing track. Gabriel’s warmer and earthy vocals added to this too. The metallic twang of the riffs washed over the electronica well and if the music wasn’t peculiar enough, then the lyric were too, which can roughly be identified as lyrics in support of animal rights. A worthy fusion of the two experimental genres of the time.

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