Single Review – MaXD – Bad Habit

There are some tracks out there that induce a certain warmth inside when listened to, the kind of feeling that comes with a zestful summer’s day or a pensive drive through a city’s evening. The new Rockforce Records release from Ottawa’s MaXD, Bad Habit, is one of those tracks. This deep and beautifully refined single is layered with detail and emotion that makes me want to road trip with an open-top beneath a blistering sun with little care for the route’s end.

We are enticed with stabbing synths, crisp, heavy drums and delicate arpeggiations, all tied together with striking piano chords that come in often to progress the track yet keep it grounded to its original motivations. But perhaps the most striking aspect of this track is the depth and richness to its production, which is worthy of a profusion of praise. This track is dense, it’s heavy with delicate undertones of subtly and sweetening that demonstrates a clear mastery of production in this genre. Based on this single alone, MaXD is certainly one to keep a close eye on in the future.

Bad Habit drops through Rockforce Records on 30th October.

Written by Ben Steed

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