Single Review – Coasts – Wash Away

‘Wash Away’ is the second single released from Bristol band Coasts following their first single, ‘A Rush Of Blood’ released from their A Rush Of Blood EP.  Beginning with haunting vocals echoing over stabbing guitar repetition layers soon begin to build as the other instruments claw their way onto the track. A resounding drum beat is met with a ceaseless bass hook that unrelentingly pushes the momentum forward. The tension continues to build as more fractured and articulated vocals are layered on top of the droning originals. Showers of soft melodies sprinkle over the pounding beat until finally it is left with nowhere to go and culminates into an explosive chorus.

The chorus is full of the energy built up in the first half of the track as all the instruments come into their own. The bass guitar pushes the chorus on as mesmerising harmonies come to the forefront. ‘Wash away’ is repeated by the vocals as they are lost and pulled through by the current of noise. This track is full of emotion and delivered beautifully. Simple but powerful lyrics combined with an erupting chorus create an experience that many others fail to achieve. Look out for this band on their UK tour starting this month.

Written by Dominic Naughton

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