Single Review / Album Taster – Rose Elinor Dougall – Take Yourself With You

Just over a year after the release of one of the finest EP’s of the 2013 with Future Vanishes Rose Elinor Dougall returns with the track ‘Take Yourself With You’; an album track from her ‘soon to come’ second studio album entitled STELLULAR which is likely to be unveiled around five years after her Without Why debut in 2010. The track carries on the air of the Future Vanishes tracks, with the slack, sweeping production and the indelible melodies. This track has these themes wrapped around a bright and breezy pop swoon with the loose riffs and chiming synths, tinged with an aged warping sound. Wistful harmonies back up Rose’s calm vocals from which she occasionally explores some higher tones. She revealed to the Quietus that the lyrics are about “learning to accept to exist within that might be a way to be truly liberated instead of running away” and trying to reinvent yourself. Unlike the irremovable catchiness and infectious groove and rhythms of ‘Strange Warnings’ or ‘Future Vanishes’ this track is a more light and relaxed affair; more reflective. It suggests early on that the album will have a sense of depth a scale to it; an album she worked on with Oli Bayston as she did with last years EP. From that evidence and this simple, yet easy track it looks like STELLULAR is something to look forward to.

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