Sunday Suggestion – Bat For Lashes – Daniel

Bat For Lashes or Natasha Khan has been a real driving force behind creative, innovative and darker pop music; taking away a lot of the stigma it had gathered after by the late 90’s and through into the 21st century. Her songs have always been known to have eerie or powerful feels and statements with lyrics that are far more captivating than a vast amount of ‘lazy’ pop music. ‘Daniel’ is a great example of it. From her 2009 album Two Suns, it is one of her most popular tracks from what was a year of great music. The track opens with wiry violins that evoke more natural and narrative tones that are offset by the snap of the electronic drum beat along with the lapping synths and guitars. Natasha’s vocals reverberate and echo around themselves in that wistful and airy fashion in the verses whilst having a slight peak of urgency and power which she can deliver with ease, but she just as easily lull the song back into it’s verses. The song is evocative of the lyrics of fear and needing someone there and this is enhanced further by her vocal performance. A pop song that has meaning and a profound reflection of a feeling or emotion, but still has that snapping rhythm and beat.

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