Single Review and New Video – Ronya – Work Harder

Ronya is a British-Finnish artist described as alt-pop in her style and who is one of the leading prospects in her native Finland. Following on from her 2012 debut album The key is the Key she has since signed with independent Helsinki label Cocoa Music and has since unveiled singles such as ‘Flame’ in February and now ‘Work Harder’; a faithful piece of luscious and infectious 80’s pop with similarities to the likes of HAIM and Robyn. Speaking of the track she said that it’s a “reflection on my journey as an artist and an individual – but most importantly it’s a reminder to myself and to anyone working towards their goals and dreams: keep going no matter what – it’s only the beginning” The track certainly carries that optimistic message on a musical level too, with he light but purposeful vocal set around the neatly arranged riffs, synth chords, rumbling bass line and crisp percussion. This track is a seamless piece of stylish retro synth-pop that really sets a precedent for an upcoming second studio album next year.

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