Sunday Suggestion – Broken Bells – Perfect World

Broken Bells are the joining of The Shins’ James Mercer and Danger Mouse a.k.a Brian Burton who released their second studio After the Disco album in January last year. It was a follow up to their self titled debut in 2010 and it had furthered their earlier forays into space rock and all out retro pop in everything from the album’s packaging to James Mercer’s falsetto’s. The third single off the album is the six minute plus ‘Perfect World’. It’s a gentle and softly produced track, yet one that has a rapid and infectious rhythm along with it. These are accentuated by the flashing and shimmering synths and electronica whilst being anchored by the rumbling bass line. The enthused backing vocals add to the basic sing-a-long factor and the perfectly placed guitar solo shreds through the soft edges of the track with ease. The song is brought back up to speed from it’s more considered interludes by the driving percussion from Brian Burton that’s built upon a warped and echoed effect to further round off the soft edges of the track. All in all it’s a song that isn’t pushing the boundaries but one that has been tweaked and manipulated to great effect. What Broken Bells have so far done with ease.

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