EP Review – Fonz Whaler – Fonz Whaler

Australian Tom Kakanis better known as Fonz Whaler has released his self-entitled debut EP. The EP consists of six tracks of oozing riffs, distorted guitars and harmonic tunes as it creates a pleasant daze that keeps the listener immersed from start to finish.

A candle in the mirror room the second track from the EP is a pleasant guitar driven symphony. Describing his own musical genre as, ‘blisstant’ it fits this track perfectly. The track unwinds through just over 3 minutes of ambient relaxation. A slow and wistful song, guitar licks are layered on top of one another with a gentle harmonic melody that repeats throughout. Accompanied by echoing vocals that drone, ‘candle in the mirror room’ the track creates a dreamy void that you find yourself pulled into. Surf rock chords reverberate in the background as they are paced throughout with a soft sprinkling of percussion that pushes the song coolly forward into a psychedelic haze.

Mile stones is the fifth and longest track on the EP and features much of the same found on the other tracks of this EP. This is by no means a bad thing as Tom manipulates the same aspects of his music to form a much different outcome. It begins with a prickly repeating riff which gives way to a clean harmony that drives the song to a peak before tumbling into a washed out, choppy break. The melodic nature of the track that constantly shifts in tone and pitch keeps you engaged, carrying you forward through the more effect heavy sections. Its floating and lush sounds melt away into one another as you fall deeper into its layers of rich, warm noise until the track comes to a blissful finish and you find yourself reaching for the play button again.

Dominic Naughton

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