Pinkshyinyultrablast – Everything Else Matters Review

This is the face of Russian Shogaze at the moment. The nation and the genre may not seem like an obvious marriage, but Pinkshinyultrablast from St. Petersburg are certainly establishing the genre in Russia right now. Like most modern shoegaze bands their influences are no different from their French, British or US counterparts with My Bloody Valentine and The Cocetau Twins playing a big part in that regard. Can they bring a different perspective on the Shoegaze sound with their debut Everything Else Matters? They did say that “we realised the local indie scene was totally boring and wanted to play something radically different.” after all.
Their lead single ‘Umi’ opens with a siren-like guitar with rapid and tumbling percussion falling upon it. The bass comes in to string these two instrumentals together along with the sweeping, wistful vocals that glaze over the main body of music to give it a sense of balance and add to it’s potential space and atmospheric quality. This allows for the main body of music to fall in and out of this floating melodic ‘mist’ to only emphasise the rhythm and distant urgency of the instrumentals. A soft edged and fluid track. ‘Holy Forest’ features a loose and rotating riff that locks in the flashing synths that intercede it before launching into a distorted wash out with the echoed vocals and wiry synths taking over the songs direction. These are underpinned by the sharp percussion beneath if for true distorted affair flanked by moments of light guitar work.
‘Metamorphis’ features a wave of looped synth chords and vocal manipulations that slide off into a shoegaze wash of distortion and crashing percussion which itself fades off into a stripped back instrumental of an isolated bass line and a wistful, echoed vocal. These instrumentals are ushered in by simple percussive elements back into the washed out, firework display of a sound. ‘Land’s End’ offers up a similar approach musically with the isolated guitars and percussion being glazed over by floating and fluid electronica and vocal sweeps. ‘Marigold’ is the eight minute shoegaze anthem (for want of a better word) that finishes off the short album. The ringing guitars are switched back and forth to the tradition distorted washes and the vocal is almost haunting to the track throughout. This washed out sound reaches a peak and leaks out a more expansive and drawn out sound from the guitars and alternates in this fashion to more rougher and sharper guitars too. The album is pretty faithful to the shoegaze genre but does gently formulate some of it’s own sounds and idea in amongst the traditional elements that they deliver better than most modern shoegaze bands. For a debut album it’s something that should receive a fair amount of admiration but there are greater things to come for sure.
Pinkshinyultrablast – Everything Else Matters = 8/10

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