Sunday Suggestion – Kaleidoscope – Dive Into Yesterday

Kaleidoscope were another London band as part of the wave of psychedelic groups that took over the narrow streets of the ‘swinging’ capital back in 1967. Though they don’t hold the fame or the legacy of the old and the new ones, this group have offered a small, yet almost perfect encapsulation of the music and atmosphere of the time and place. It’s something of a drug-addled social commentary of it and care must be taken to avoid seeing them as a stereotype as much as they may fit one. The band’s first studio album was Tangerine Dream and everything about it from the style and the packaging just exudes psychedelia. A track from the album that equates to this is ‘Dive Into Yesterday’ with it’s crisp and rotating riffs, ringing lead riffs and a simple, yet sharp percussion to hang it upon. The vocals hold a slight distant and overarching quality about them that seep through the instrumentals and at times dictate their direction. The sense of rise and fall in this track is something that they use repeatedly and varyingly that gives a greater focus and isolation of the vocals and the outrageous lyrics they are delivering. Truly a gem of a track.

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