Single Review – Best Coast – California Nights

The finest generators of fuzz pop in California have announced their third studio album ‘California Nights’ and have released the title track this week as well. Best Coast have very much been proprietors of upbeat and optimistic surf-rock from their first two albums and whilst it wonderfully vibrant and light hearted, even with more tragic lyrical matter that their more ‘edgy’ counterparts Bleached and now ‘Ex Hex’ are offering up. Either way they need to offer up another perspective on their sound and it seems that ‘California Nights’ is the answer. The song has a completely spaced out riff and is minimalistic instrumentally on the whole with simple drum sections and light, solid riffs that carve a path through the subtle, yet vast expanses of the song. Nothing more is needed on the instrumental front due to the sweeping and far reaching vocals from Beth Cosentino who delivers almost a haunting vocal that extends just as far as the instrumental expanses. Even though her vocal ability is well known it’s a revelation in this track that is accentuated by the slight echo put upon it. ‘California Nights’ signals a more mature and considered approach from an already solid group as they begin to flex their creative muscles.

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