Sunday Suggestion – Fleetwood Mac – The Chain

If you only know me as a distant twitter follower, you’ll still be very aware of the main love of my life and its not music. What do you ask is pole position? Oh well… that’s a no brainer… it’s Formula One. There’s a particular track from Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours from 1977. One of the all time great albums from a band at their peak, the summit of soft rock. The track that I speak of is ‘The Chain’. Not only is it a well known and very high quality piece of rock music, but it has been made even more instantly recognisable due to just how synonymous with Formula One the track is. The song opens with the low slung and jangling riff of a resonator guitar that becomes enthused with buoyant bass lines and the subtle distortions of the rhythm sections. These are strung together with the wonderful Nicks-led melodies of the group in vocal harmony, but the track fades into a piano outro before that rumbling bass line comes in and the track effectively revs up with the flashing, razor sharp lead riffs and Buckingham’s more punchier vocals. The song is masterfully arranged and produced with perhaps one of the most effective song structures of all time. You’ll be hearing a lot more of this over the course of the week… so get used it!

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