Single Review – Tame Impala – Let It Happen

Tame Impala are back if you haven’t noticed. Kevin Parker’s conveyers of sweeping and expansive waves of neo-psychedelia have produced a debut album in Innerspeaker 2010 that most bands would dream of and entered the realms of the sublime with Lonerism in 2012. Now with their new track ‘Let it Happen’ from their upcoming third album, the Perth collective has also announced a plethora of tour dates chiefly across North America from April to September. ‘Let it Happen’ is an expensive piece of neo-psychedelic dance music at nearly eight minutes long. It opens with flashing and wiry synths set above whirring electronica beneath it and this breathes in and out in its intensity to bring the focus to Kevin Parker’s isolated and wonderfully graceful vocals. As the track goes on the synths only increase in their pitch as they start to jam and repeat in a process that bridges the progression to the warped organ-like instrumental and the distorted percussion underneath it and back into the main tune. Parker’s whirring vocals, lead into the brief distorted guitar parts which only enhance the current subtle tones of the song. It’s a wonderful track with the ability to be expansive and vast, immediate and catchy and wonderfully melodic too. Instead of staying in their comfort zone, they have explored and reimagined their sound again. It’s asking a lot, but Tame Impala responded with the smooth effortlessness that is ‘Let It Happen’

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