Single Review – Mumford & Sons – Believe

The folk-pop collective from London that is Mumford & Sons are quite a marmite-like band producing marmite-like music. Whilst being showered with Grammy’s and other awards they’re often slated for unimaginative and hopelessly repetitive sounds (or abuse of folk music as some say) with the wind up instrumentals taking a hold over their first two albums. Nevertheless they do maintain a certain warmth to their music that often comes from Marcus Mumford’s wide vocals, but surely they must be capable of much more than just being energetic live performers? Their third studio album Wilder Mind is due for a May 4th release and the first track to emerge from it ‘Believe’. It’s certainly an initial ditch of their wound up folk instrumentals which is very much welcome as they’ve made a song with fluctuating, if simple soundscapes with soft sweeping instrumentals that allow the close and intimate vocals to take focus. In then progresses into a cascading drum section that’s paired with a tearing guitar lead and more familiar, bolder vocals. It is by no means a quantum-leap in terms of their sound, but it certainly has a greater dynamic and perspective. Hopefully it will give way to a slightly improved Mumford & Sons.

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