Single Review – Warpaint – No Way Out / I’ll Start Believing

Warpaint: Double-video for “Disco//Very” and “Keep it Healthy”

Warpaint had announced that they’d be releasing a number of new songs this year when they released ‘No Way Out’ and now they have released an extended version of the track that opens in the typical atmospheric and haunting fashion that served Warpaint so well on their last album with their wistful and heavy vocal harmonies. These sweep over the isolated echoes of the bass lines and the rhythm section and a gradual growth of tempo driven by the percussion and the soaring and ever more powerful vocals. A refined bonus track from last years self titled LP. ‘I’ll Start Believing is less about a sweeping an expansive atmosphere with a more immediate and urgent feel replacing to it with the deep rooted bass lines and ringing lead guitars running over them. The vocals still have that haunting air about them, but they have a more sharper focus around the more closely fitting instrumentals. Typically well worked tracks from Warpaint with some new perspectives.

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