Sunday Suggestion – Foo Fighters – Everlong

Everlong Foo Fighters Album Foo fighters

Back in the Christmas of 1996, Dave Grohl was starting work on a new track based around a new riff that he’d been formulating and a lyrical material on departing previous relationships and entering new ones. By August 1997 one of the greatest Post-Grunge and Alternative tracks of all time was born. The eleventh track from the Foo Fighter’s second studio LP The Colour and The Shape opens with a fade in of the lightly rotating rhythm section riffs that are swiftly layered over with a loose distortion and these are swept over by Dave’s smooth and out of focus vocal that is charged into a rough and churning chorus through the soaring guitars and the growing snarl of the vocals. It’s a track with energy, yet depth and varied production from the slightly dazed to the rough. A faultless track.

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