Single Review – Mini Mansions feat. Alex Turner – Vertigo

The L.A “Indie Pop” trio Mini Mansions including QOTSA bassist Michael Shuman are to release their upcoming second studio LP in The Great Pretender on March 23rd. Their single ‘Vertigo’ was released last week and is a well crafted and smooth track built around distant piano chords and a clean, indelible bass lines and beat. The string samples across the track add that sense of balance against the heavier and subtly fuzzy sounds that come about in the chorus. From this we get to Alex Turner’s contribution which is opposite to the light and slightly washed out vocals of the group. It adds a nice little traverse to the track but it’s difficult to get around how the vocals are a little out of step with the music in terms of tone and timing and whether done deliberately or not, it felt out of place and almost an afterthought. This is disappointing as the music and Turner’s vocals are as good as you’d expect but it’s almost like it’s been forced in without compromise. A little bit of catering for it wouldn’t have gone a miss, but on the whole it’s a well produced and intricate track.

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