Sunday Suggestion – The Smiths – What Difference Does It Make?

Though there is such an immediate fixation and almost constant factory-line of teenage kids heading for The Smiths music, I was admittedly never one of them. I never quite understood, but always respected their status that for some makes them “the only decent band of the 80’s.” Though that is simply not true, their impact is unavoidable. With this in mind, I decided to take a look at one of their most prominent tracks in ‘What Difference Does It Make?’ from 1984. Taken from their tediously worked debut album The Smiths, the track opens with that indelible, rotating, jangling riff from Marr’s Rickenbacker that’s reminiscent of such rhythm sections as The Byrds, but with a little more drive and purpose. With this as the song’s base, the echoed percussion and additional guitar parts filter from it. These hook-laden instrumentals are swept and swooned over by Morrissey with his grey, wistful melody. The song has a kick and an appeal for participation whether it be dancing or singing along so it certainly fits into the 80’s pop requirements. But it has much more substance musically and more depth lyrically and might explain their continued success today.

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