Single Review – Palma Violets – English Tongue

The latest release from Palma Violets features their trademark shouting vocals, yet seems to lack anything else of substance. In comparison to ‘Best of Friends’, which was voted Song of the Year by NME in 2012, ‘English Tongue’ is incredibly simplistic and sounds like more of a coach-trip singalong than a new release from a promising young British rock band. The track has somewhat of a Libertines vibe, with twanging guitar that brings the Beach Boys to mind. Unfortunately though, there isn’t a key riff or melody to create a hook, and even the chorus, shouted in unison by the whole band like a football chant, would be difficult to sing along to as a result of the fuzzy recording masking the lyrics. For those hearing Palma Violets for the first time, English Tongue isn’t the kind of track to make you want more. Instead, give ‘Danger In The Club’ or ‘Best of Friends’ a try; both singles are a far better example of what this band has to offer.

Ellie Scott @elliemaryscott

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