Single Review – The Franklys – Bad News

With ‘The Puppet’ being released earlier this month, the London-based all-girl rock ‘n’ roll band The Franklys release the equally brilliant ‘Bad News’ on April 27th. The band is made up of Jen Ahlkvist as vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Fanny Broberg on lead guitar, Zoe Biggs on bass and Nicole Pinto as the drummer. The girls are from Sweden, UK and the US and together they create a force to be reckoned with.

The Franklys entwine old school rock ‘n’ roll, punk and garage to create a really ballsy track that demands attention. Jen Ahlkvist’s vocals are reminiscent of the notorious Joan Jett and pack similarly rebellious tones but more velvety in parts. The riffs are perfectly punchy and complimented by a daring lead guitar solo. The girls bring us captivating straight-up rock music infused with a level of boldness that you’d usually only find back in the ‘70’s. The lyrics are catchy and full to the brim with attitude and overall create a feisty track which will make you want to hear what else the four piece have to offer.

The Franklys have managed to find the perfect balance between paying homage to previous generations of punk and rock music and bringing something new to the genre. Rather than being dated, their sound is empowering and infectious; it is tremendous to hear an all-girl four piece with such an explosive sound. The Franklys are a band to watch out for and ‘Bad News’ promises to bring them an increasing fan base.

Charlotte Broomfield

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