Single Review – Tennis – Needle and a Knife

American indie pop band Tennis, consisting of husband and wife duo Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley have recently released their live video for the 2014 track “Needle and a Knife” from the LP “Ritual In Repeat”. The duo took inspiration from photographer Petra Collins when compiling their visual accompaniment for the track, which is evident in the trademark curls Alaina has adopted. It’s entirely fitting and flattering of the song’s mood, a mixture of breezy 70’s and pastels that can only add emphasis to the almost spiritual lyrics.

After the intro, Alaina sings unaccompanied with nothing but the drum beat behind her. For these 30 seconds, it was impossible to shift the evident similarities of Haim, and any fans of the girl band will have found a new muse to bop to in the form of Tennis. Alaina’s effortless vocals are harmonised with two backing singers in the video, creating just the right amount of vocal texture for the song without taking attention away from the few instruments present. All in all a beautiful piece I’m sure will go down well on their Spring tour that kicked off in their hometown of Denver this April.

Hannah Crowe

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