Single Review – Colleagues – Talk It Out

Up and coming Swedish band Colleagues offer us a light hearted electronic pop track with their latest single, Talk It Out. Along with its undeniably 80s sound, the track has a catchy chorus that has you singing along in no time, making it the perfect candidate for a top pop hit. The vocals are light and airy, a perfect complement to the gentle drumbeat and synth chords. At the two minute mark the track breaks, offering a slower, quieter segment where the glittering synth takes focus. This helps to keep the track interesting, yet I feel it could be longer with a more dramatic build up to the reprise where the drums and enduring chorus return for a quick singalong before the track comes to a close. This reflects the downfall of the single for me; although it’s a catchy tune it seems to be over far too soon, almost as though it’s been rushed. Despite this, Talk It Out is a solid track and one which I expect will be hummed by many as that repetitive chorus gets engrained in their minds.

Ellie Scott @elliemaryscott

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