Single Review – Future Islands – The Chase

The Baltimore trio Future Islands debuted their new single live on one of David Letterman’s final shows back in April, and If there’s one thing that demands more attention than Samuel Herring’s abstract dance moves, it’s his voice, and the emotion that drives it.  Watching the Letterman performance, you can’t help but feel as though you’ve accidentally stumbled into the same pub your drunk dad is belting out karaoke in. Herring’s raspy growl is something you’d expect over the top of a Foo Fighters track with an electric guitar overdose, rather than accompanying a beat that Bastille’s front man Dan Smith could have produced – but that’s not to say growl and pop synth don’t cohabitate, slightly.
Watching Herring perform, it’s impossible to ignore the energy and emotion that goes into every word he sings. It’s raw and quite remarkable, and reading the lyrics you definitely grasp why there’s so much passion in what he says, and why so much attention is demanded when he takes centre stage- Samuel Herring possesses incredible presence.
Hannah Crowe

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