Single Review – Florence and the Machine – Delilah

Florence Welch has released one of the last singles off Florence and the Machine’s upcoming third album How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful which is released on June 1st. ‘Delilah’ along with the previous singles off the album, highlight a more driven and direct approach this time around with an even greater focus on her vocal capabilities in their subtle isolation. With this track, the instrumentation builds up around it and accommodates it at every point as it builds and dissolves in volume. Once the song finds it’s rhythm it remains sharp and simple with a crispness and steadiness; a solid foundation for Florence to demonstrate her vocal ability. This track and indeed the album seems to be focused upon her vocals via the simple hooks or more atmospheric and minimalistic tracks and if you’re going to focus on any vocal, Florence’s aren’t going to lose your attention.

Owen Riddle @oriddleo1995

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