Single Review – Muse – Reapers

Muses seventh LP “Drones”, due for release on June 8th, consists of a chilling 12 track narrative, with an unprecedented boldness that brings to light plenty issues governments prefer to keep suppressed.

A particular track from the LP with an even more particular message is the song “Reapers”. The intro is something you’d hear on Guitar Hero’s expert mode, a fast paced solo filmed in a white hot Call of Duty style survival map, matching the theme of the whole video- Trying to escape from radicalised methods of warfare, or in other words, Drones. The theme that is present in every single track of the album. “Drones” is a musical masterpiece, and also a massive reality check.
The track is super heavy on guitar riffs with aggressive percussion, emphasised by the painfully bold lyrics describing brutalised and deceitful governments. The stereotypical Femme Fatale is also a main element of the video. A blonde, red lipped female seductively controlling the air strikes, just the perfect amount of power to be deemed attractive and harmless by male listeners. Any more power, minus the red lips and angelic face, may have came as a threat. The most important issue raised by the blatant female objectification, be it on purpose or not, is how much this highlights how much we live in a mans world that still adheres to the binding laws set by the patriarchal order. And this “mans world” that we live in, is manipulating technology to commit mass murder and genocide, through the push of a button- by use of drones. What muse have done with not only this track but their whole album, is bring to light the damaging issues of modernised warfare that could end up destroying our planet.
Muse have obliterated any slither of an electronic sound and really focused on creating a heavy instrumental presence to match the mood that the lyrics set. What’s interesting is that although Matt Bellamy’s vocals tell the story, the guitar is still the main element of this song. But nevertheless the vocals are incredible, and take added depth from Chris Wolstenholme’s backing. Muse have truly gone back to their roots with “Reapers”, and hopefully the message of this album reaches exactly who it was desired to reach.
Hannah Crowe

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