Sunday Suggestion – Jagwar Ma – Man I Need

Jono Ma and Gabriel Winterfield make up Syndey’s Jagwar Ma and with their excellent debut album Howlin became the first album of the year for Musicandotherthingz. Not only was it an eclectic clash of genres within tracks but also across the album, it was also one of the most efficiently produced albums we’ve ever set our ears on and cemented our new fixation on Down Under as the place of dynamic and innovative music. ‘Man I Need’ is one of the standout tracks from Howlin which instantly sets the tone with the psychedelic whirring along with the wide scope and relaxed urgency of the percussion which is pretty typical of a psychedelic style. The slight echo on the drums allow it to fill a lot of space on the song and it acts as the primary element. Guitars enter in a subtle way in the chorus to gradually construct a wall of sound with some little synth flicks in between. Winterfield’s vocals in their tuneful yet shouty style work especially well in the chorus to punch through the subtleness of the instrumentals. The song has been methodically considered and carefully puzzled over as all the elements of the song feature at the exact amounts at which they are needed and despite being all a little soft and subtle, they combine and work with each other to create the big wall of sound. Such attentiveness to detail and to get the exacting amounts of each element spot on is a very skilful thing to do; even more so when Jono Ma has chose these knowing they would combine effectively on the chorus. I recommend you all give this song and the album a listen…. now!

Owen Riddle @oriddleo1995

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