Gengahr – A Dream Outside Review

The debut album from London-based psych-rock band Gengahr is a fantastic follow up to their initial 2014 singles ‘Powder’ and ‘Bathed in Light’. A Dream Outside has a little something for everyone; it’s poppy, rocky, and a little bit electronic-y. There’s a bright, bubbly tone to all of Gengahr’s tracks; they have hints of OK Go, Soulwax, Unknown Mortal Orchestra and the Pixies, but their gentle psychedelic undertone gives them just enough edge to stand alone rather than as alt-rock copycats.

The entire album is filled with snappy percussion, fuzzy guitar and high soprano vocals. The band chop and change between sweet-sounding, light numbers such as ‘Lonely As A Shark’ and ‘Trampoline’ and louder tracks with vigorous electric guitar and fuzz pedals. Standout tracks include addictive opener ‘Dizzy Ghosts’, the frantic drumbeats and rumbling bass of ‘Embers’ and the wonderful ‘Where I Lie’ which has a much darker edge than everything else on the album. The light, sweet lead vocals off-set the ominous lyrics of monsters and “creeping crawlers” perfectly.

Another favourite is ‘Dark Star’, an instrumental number which, halfway through the album, offers a nice reprieve from the intense soprano vocals. This could be the soundtrack to a night in a hip gin bar, and is a demonstration of Genghar’s talent for creating fun soundscapes rich with differing riffs and textures. With something new to notice with each listen, A Dream Outside is definitely an album which grows on you and leaves you with catchy little hooks and riffs flitting around your mind. It’s an excellent debut from this up and coming ensemble.

Gengahr – A Dream Outside = 7/10

Ellie Scott @elliemaryscott

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